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Where does the statutory accident protection have its limits?

Many seminars, meetings or conferences last several days and in the conference hotels guests are often offered a sports program that people like to take advantage of. But what happens if there is an accident on the treadmill or if the weights in the hotel’s gym were too heavy? Does the statutory accident insurance cover for injuries and consequential damages?

A widespread misconception

Most employees assume that they automatically enjoy occupational insurance coverage if, for example, they work on a Participate in a conference or seminar. This assumption is wrong, however, because the employer and his statutory accident insurance only have to be liable if there is an accident that is factually related to the work of the employee. Put simply, this means that if the employee is injured in the seminar room, then this is a case for the employer’s statutory accident insurance. However, if the employee uses the meeting’s lunch break to go on the treadmill, then the statutory accident insurance is not liable if an accident occurs. Running on the treadmill has no connection to his activity.

Valid for all sports

Sport should provide a little variety during a rather sober conference and large companies pay a lot, so that the employees also feel comfortable. Skiing and golf, sailing and tennis are high on the list of popular sports. It is not uncommon for accidents to occur at these sporting events and more and more employees subsequently go to court because they still believe that the employer’s statutory accident insurance must pay for the costs of the accident. That this is not the case was also made by a manager who had an accident while skiing at a conference. The insurance company refused to pay because skiing was considered a recreational activity. The employee went to court, but he lost against the insurance company, which the State Social Court in Hesse found right.

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