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When does the insurance company pay for accidents on the way to work?

Usually insurance covers an accident that happens on the way to work, but unfortunately that is not always the case. There are some curiosities about this particular employee insurance, most of which are unaware of when they leave home in the morning and head for work. These supposed little things are important aspects and anyone who does not find out about them can experience an unpleasant surprise after an accident on the way to work.

Only under certain conditions

Almost everyone leaves himself blind that the statutory accident insurance is responsible in the event of an accident on the way to work. However, this only applies if certain requirements are met. For example, if you stop briefly at the bakery on the way to the office to buy a roll or a piece of cake for the break, you no longer have insurance cover if an accident occurs. But anyone who has to climb through a window in the company because the door is locked and injured is protected by the statutory accident insurance.

Stopovers are not insured

The Federal Social Court had to be in deal with two rather unusual cases over the past week. For example, an employee stopped at a butcher’s shop on the way to the office to buy a roll for a snack. On leaving the store, he fell miserably and broke his shoulder. The accident insurance refused to pay for this accident, the man went to court and finally lost before the Federal Social Court. The court took the view that the stopover was not an insured way to work, as the visit to the butcher’s shop was a private activity. Only when the employee sits in his car again and continues his journey to work does the protection of the statutory accident insurance apply again.

When is one insured?

Employees are insured when they are up Slip your way through the front yard of your house to the car and break your leg. Even those who fall on the way from the company parking lot to the entrance are protected by the statutory accident insurance. However, anyone who leaves the car to quickly buy a newspaper at the kiosk and slips on a banana peel is unlucky, because in this case the insurance does not pay.

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