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What insurance pays if the Christmas tree burns?

The Advent season is a cozy and contemplative time and a candle burns on the Advent wreath on the four Advent Sundays. However, if you are not careful with the candles, you have to live with the risk that the whole apartment will burn quickly. The Christmas tree is also not free from dangers, regardless of whether it is equipped with real candles made of wax or with electric light. Which insurance actually covers the damage if the Advent wreath burns or the Christmas tree catches fire?

House fires are booming

Whenever the Christmas season approaches, the fire brigades in the country know that as in everyone Year, a lot of work to do. Every year during Advent the fire brigades move out up to 11,000 times because a Advent wreath or a Christmas tree is on fire somewhere. The number of damage caused by a fire is in the pre-Christmas period 50 percent higher than in autumn, summer and spring. In many cases, the damage is limited as the residents try to smother the flames themselves. Nevertheless, it happens again and again that a house burns down completely or an apartment is no longer habitable. The injured then naturally ask themselves which insurance company they can contact and who will pay for the damage.

Who will pay for the damage?

In the event that the Advent wreath or Christmas tree is on fire and the furnishings or other movable objects are damaged in the process, this is usually covered by household contents insurance . However, many insurance companies do not cover the damage if the tenant of the apartment or the owner of the house has acted recklessly and negligently. By grossly negligent the insurance understands, among other things, if the candles on the Advent wreath burn down without supervision. The same applies, of course, if the Christmas tree catches fire and nobody is in the room to supervise the candles. However, there is an option for policyholders to agree an additional clause with insurance . If the phrase “waiver of the objection of gross negligence” is in the contract, then the policyholder is also covered for these cases.

When does the residential building insurance pay?

Who leaves his house and forgets the candles in the Christmas decorations, they can get a nasty surprise when they get home. If the fire brigade is in front of the door, that means trouble, because the candles have caused a fire. If either the substance of the house was seriously damaged in this fire or the whole house burned down to the ground, then this is a case for the residential building insurance. They cover all costs incurred if a new house is required becomes. On the other hand, the insurance also pays if the house is damaged by fire water or soot. The same applies here: If the fire was preceded by negligence, then the insured person is unlucky, because then the residential building insurance will not pay.

Important for the Christmas tree

For many, a Christmas tree is only the right one Christmas tree when traditionally decorated with real candles. If you don’t want to do without wax candles, you should make sure that the Christmas tree is on a stable surface. This works best with the help of a Christmas tree stand. Some of these Christmas tree stands can be filled with water so that the tree is always wet. It is also important to position the tree so that it is far away from flammable substances such as curtains and drapes. If there is no water-filled Christmas tree stand available, the tree should be watered regularly. The drier a Christmas tree, the faster it catches fire. Really dry trees act like fire accelerators. If you want to be on the safe side, put a bucket filled with water next to the Christmas tree.

Never leave it unattended

Two things should never be left unattended for too long at Christmas: children and candles. It is the unsupervised burning candles that are the main cause of all Christmas fires, but they represent a calculable risk. Children and pets should not be left alone with the Christmas tree or the Advent wreath if possible. This is especially true for cats, who reach every goal with one jump, however high. In addition, cats are fascinated by tinsel and this fascination with burning candles can very quickly become a very great danger. It makes sense to explain to children as early as possible the danger of burning candles on the Christmas tree. It is also important to explain to the children how to behave in an emergency and where they can get to safety.

This is how important smoke alarms are

It has been in since July last year The installation of smoke alarms is required by law in apartments and houses. Before the actual fire starts, smoke is generated and this smoke triggers an alarm that warns the residents that a fire has broken out. In this way, countermeasures can be taken immediately and the fire brigade called before the fire spreads to the entire facility. Since smoke alarms are required by law, the insurance company can refuse to pay the damage if there were no smoke alarms in the house or apartment.

Buy a fire extinguisher

If you have heating, you also have to have a fire extinguisher, as stipulated by law. However, this fire extinguisher is hanging in the boiler room and can therefore not be reached quickly when the Christmas tree is burning in the living room. It is better to buy an additional fire extinguisher from a hardware store or discounter. These small models are available for as little as 20 euros, but they are very effective. If the fire is still small, it can be quickly brought under control with a fire extinguisher and sometimes the fire extinguisher even saves the fire service.


A Christmas tree or an Advent wreath with real candles have a very special magic. But unfortunately they are not completely harmless and can cause a lot of damage. All those who do not want to do without the real candles during the Christmas season should take appropriate precautions so that Christmas does not end in a disaster. Should a draft of wind ensure that the fir branches in the Advent wreath catch fire and the kitchen burns down, the household insurance and building insurance will cover the damage incurred.

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