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What insurance pays after a break-in?

The number of break-ins in Germany is continuously increasing and those who have been broken into are wondering which insurance company actually pays for the damage. Every break-in results in an average damage of 3300 euros and in addition to the psychological shock and the often strong emotional burden, there is the fear of whether the damage will also be covered by the insurance without any problems. The ideal value cannot of course be replaced, but the household insurance is primarily responsible for the material damage.

Burglary or burglary?

Most break-ins are so-called burglary, whenever the doors or windows of a house or apartment have been opened with force. For the insurance company it is important that the police secure evidence of the break-in on windows and doors, but even if a garage has been broken into, the location of the evidence must clearly prove this. It is also a burglary if the perpetrator ravages the house but has not stolen anything, because the contents insurance covers the damage even in the event of vandalism. If the burglars fail to enter the house and if they try to keep the windows and doors busy, then this is counted as a break-in and the insurance pays. In a rented apartment, not only the apartment itself is insured, but also all rooms that are lockable, such as the attic and basement.

What costs does the insurance cover?

Not everything that is Burglar steals, can also be replaced, but if items of the same type and quality as the original can be recovered, the insurance company will pay this replacement value. This replacement value is always the price that the injured party has to pay to buy an item of equal value. For example, when it comes to electronic devices such as televisions or computers, the replacement value is usually cheaper because the prices for these devices have fallen. Other items may have increased in price due to inflation. The insurance also pays the costs for the repair of windows and doors, as well as for the elimination of damage caused by vandalism, including the possibly damaged security technology. It is not uncommon for the apartment and house to be no longer habitable after a burglary and if this is the case, the insurance will cover the costs of accommodation in a hotel within a certain period of time.

What should be considered when choosing a home insurance

The sum insured with a household contents insurance always denotes the full value of a household contents. Since this sum is very difficult to determine precisely, the insurers assume a value of 650 euros per square meter. If the minimum insured amount is adhered to, it can happen that in the event of a break-in, no check for underinsurance is carried out. It is therefore always better to inform the insurance company if, for example, expensive electrical appliances, antiques or other valuables are purchased in order to adjust the insured amount. The insurance company should also be informed when moving, because even then the sum insured may have to be adjusted.

Report the damage correctly

If a break-in has occurred, the police must be notified immediately because every household insurance requires a report to the police. Then the inventory must be listed very precisely and you also have to look for the original invoices. There are usually photos of valuable jewelry or expensive watches that must also be handed over to the insurance company. When the insurance company has all the important documents, the situation is recorded and the insurance company informs the customer of the obligation to mitigate damage. Such an obligation always exists and means that the damaged doors or windows are temporarily secured during the repair period. These measures are taken over by the insurance company and they also bear the costs.

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