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Properly insure against accidents abroad

Anyone who packs their bags and goes on vacation will most likely not think about what happens if an accident occurs while on vacation. Especially when traveling abroad, it is important to have the right insurance, otherwise it can get very, very expensive. For example, if you let yourself be rescued by the mountain rescue service, you must expect that the insurance will not pay and that you will have to pay the costs of the operation out of your own pocket.

Who pays the rescuers?

{1 } Climbing in the mountains can be a wonderful hobby, but there are always accidents in the mountains and those who cannot help themselves have to call the mountain rescue service for help. The mountain rescue service alone had to move out around 12,000 times in the Bavarian mountains to rescue mountain hikers and mountaineers from dangerous situations. In half of all cases in which the mountain rescue service has to provide help, people are injured and, depending on the severity of the injury, have to be flown home. Last year alone, the ADAC had to fly 55,000 people home from vacation. As a rule, those affected can rely on their health insurance, because they cover both the costs for the rescue, as well as for the treatment.

Assumption of costs only in Germany

Anyone in the Bavarian or in crashed in the Austrian mountains, you don’t have to worry about the costs of the rescue and hospital treatment, because the health insurance pays for it. However, anyone who has an accident in the mountains of Switzerland and has to be rescued by the local mountain rescue service pays for the costs themselves and these costs can get very high very quickly. A minute by helicopter alone costs between 40 and 80 euros, and depending on the duration of the rescue, a horrendously high sum can come together quickly. It doesn’t even have to be an accident that makes the helicopter rescue necessary, many holidaymakers overestimate themselves when hiking in the mountains and have to be rescued because they are exhausted.

Better to climb with accident insurance

Who in If you want to be on the safe side in the mountains, you should take out accident insurance that will cover all costs for a mountain rescue in an emergency. Anyone who likes to be out and about in the mountains can also become a member of the Alpine Club, because it not only helps others, but also yourself.

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