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Household contents insurance only covers storm damage to a limited extent

Although the really big autumn storms have not happened so far, some regions were affected by storms with the resulting property damage in October. In general, the resulting costs are borne by the insurance company, but in some individual cases not either.

In autumn the risk of storms increases

The autumn season traditionally comes with two Faces therefore. On the one hand the splendor of colors in nature, the colorful tree tops and the last warm rays of sunshine, on the other hand increasing darkness, increased precipitation and a stiff breeze. Sometimes violent storms move across the country, leaving a small swath of devastation. The last thing happened with the hurricane Joachim, which struck Central Europe in December 2011 and caused damage in the millions, especially in southern Germany. From a wind speed of around 118 kilometers per hour, a storm is considered a hurricane and often causes fallen trees or covered roofs. On average, a noteworthy hurricane occurs about once a year in our latitudes, which remains in the memory due to the damage it causes.

Typical are damage to the roof, windows and car

One possible scenario: Once the months and weeks of looking for a place to live are finally over, the long-awaited move into the new apartment or the house that has been bought follows. But already in the second night a violent, damp autumn storm approaches, which swirls all kinds of garbage and branches through the air, whereby a window is damaged and moisture gets into the living room. Of course, the residents are initially shocked when they notice the effects, but quickly remember that their home insurance covers storm damage. The application for reimbursement of costs for the repair is ultimately rejected by the insurance, to the amazement of those affected. What could be the reason for this?

When does the insurance not pay?

What many do not know: Even if a household insurance with the keyword storm damage advertises, this does not automatically mean that every deficiency is financially covered without any ifs or buts. Here it is worth paying attention to the small print, because there are often a few exceptions to the rule. Damage can only be made liable if the measured wind speed was at least 62 km / h. This can be confirmed in writing by a weather station in the region. Sometimes it is also helpful to photograph not only your own damage as evidence, but also those in the neighborhood. The insurance also does not pay if the windows and doors are not properly locked. If electrical devices are defective because moisture has penetrated through the gap in an angled window, this is justified with negligent action on the part of the insured and accordingly not paid. The damage mitigation obligation that many household insurance companies have to offer goes in a similar direction. If, for example, the window has been damaged, it must first be makeshiftly repaired by the insured himself so that no further damage occurs. With the help of a film or tarpaulin you can prevent consequential damage and hope that the insurance cover will take effect.

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