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Does the insurance pay if the basement is flooded?

It is not only the extreme temperatures that characterize this summer, also the torrential rains, like a few days ago in Berlin, are causing problems for many people. Flooded cellars are now the order of the day and many tenants are wondering: Who actually has to pay for the damage if the cellar is under water and has to be laboriously dried again?

Is the landlord responsible?

{1 } If the cellar in an apartment building is under water, the landlord is responsible for repairing the damage. The landlord is responsible for all rooms in the house that the tenants use together, including the basement. It looks a little different, however, if the tenant does not inform his landlord that the basement has been flooded, because in this case the tenant bears so-called joint liability. However, if the landlord does not react when the basement is filled with heavy rain, the tenant has the right to call the fire brigade or an emergency service so that the water can be pumped out of the basement. In this case, the tenant is obliged to cooperate.

Close the cellar window

Although heavy rainfalls can be predicted fairly accurately today, the weather forecast is of course only for a few days and not weeks. If a tenant goes on summer vacation but forgets to close the cellar window, then in the worst case scenario he risks terminating his tenancy without notice if water damage occurs in the cellar in his absence. When you go on vacation, you shouldn’t rely on the vague weather forecast, but rather close the cellar window, because heavy rain is no longer uncommon.

Which insurance is responsible?

Water damage too in basement rooms are usually covered by household or residential building insurance. If there is very heavy rainfall, as in Berlin, the natural hazard insurance is responsible. It is important to report the damage to the insurance company immediately, take photos and make a list of the items that have been damaged. If the damage is reported in writing, this should always be done by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt so that the insurance company cannot later claim that it has not received the damage report.

Ask a specialist

about the rain everything that was in the basement can be quickly removed to prevent the formation of mold. To avoid a dispute with the insurance company, an expert should be called in to assess the damage and decide which measures are necessary.

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