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Burglary protection: How do I secure my house and my valuables

Thousands of home break-ins occur in Germany every year. Usually the perpetrators strike when the residents are on vacation or traveling. A few measures are often sufficient to avoid break-ins.

The possibilities range from small tricks to modern security technology. A branded safe is suitable for protecting valuables. It can be used to safely store jewelry, cash and coins, for example. Burglars often break into apartments and houses through patio doors or windows. However, four of a total of 10 break-in attempts fail.

The police statistics show that the effort is actually worthwhile. Many break-ins fail, for example, due to good security and attentive neighbors. The risk of burglary is very different at regional level and basically also decides on the exact amount of contributions to the household insurance. Germany has already been divided into four to six tariff zones by insurers. They are basically based on the risk of burglary. Due to this division, residents in the Bavarian court pay significantly less than people who live in cities like Bremen or Berlin.

To avoid break-ins, neighbors, friends and relatives should be informed that the family will not be for a few days located in your own four walls. For burglars, overgrown front gardens and overflowing mailboxes are like an invitation. Households should try to ensure that possible intruders do not first get the idea that the residents might have been away.

It is important that houses and apartments appear inhabited. The neighbors should be told how long your own trip will take. In addition, a telephone number should be provided under which holidaymakers can be reached in an emergency. The house should have good outside lighting so that intruders and unwanted visitors are noticed quickly. LED lamps are ideal for outdoor lighting. They are particularly economical. Presence can be simulated by using a timer. Here, too, attention should be paid to the use of energy-saving lamps.

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