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Accidents often happen during leisure time – comprehensive protection makes sense

There are tons of statistics on when accidents happen. Even if the exact numbers vary from study to study, they all have the result in common that most accidents occur during leisure time.

In order not to be left with potential costs or damage in the worst case , it makes sense to take out private accident insurance in any case. If an inattentive moment has serious consequences for your own body, you don’t have to worry about yourself or your family, at least financially.

Classic accident insurance does not apply if it is not the body but an object that is damaged Has. But AachenMünchener also offers an innovative way of coverage in the form of the leisure insurance that is offered, which, according to the official description, “provides global insurance protection against loss, destruction or damage for things from the club, hobby, sport and leisure area ”.

Specifically, depending on the package chosen, the insurance comes into play if electronic items such as cameras or video cameras are destroyed or stolen. What is particularly interesting for musicians is the possibility of insuring their own instrument accordingly. Especially those who not only make music for their own pleasure, but also value high-quality equipment, will appreciate this kind of protection, knowing the costs of a high-quality instrument. The same applies to amateur golfers and divers who not only borrow their equipment, but also have their own clubs or diving instruments.

At first glance, leisure insurance may seem superfluous, but who has ever been into the situation has come that expensive items were no longer usable or were lost, should understand the meaning of such a policy.

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